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MAPDAV can now count between the chunks of the names to get passwords like John0Doe8 etc. Added threading support, although, it only really applies to one feature as of right now, this may change later. Did a ton of code matinance and modernization lately. Project works nicely now. Give it a whirl! You can find the new version in the downloads section.

Finally revised a lot of code and uploaded MAPDAV 2.2! Now supports a cropping of passwords function (including rotation), and THCHydra style output by default. Lots of optimization work (it is a LOT faster, and the code is still easier to read than the old mess). Dropped legacy support for CSV and directories out of general uselessness of the feature. Will try to get around to addressing some other thoughts I have been putting into the project. Sorry it has been rather stagnant for a good while people. It is finally here though.
Happy New Years!

I have put up MAPDAV 1.0p9. There arn't many changes to the code, just some minor updates, and updates to the readme files. There is also a Windows installer now, I've tested it under Windows XP and Windows 7 (the installer comes with a "binary" made with par. There seems to be a bug with the autocombos feature under Windows with binary, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Windows users, please remember that the passwd file has to be in unix/linux file format. You can convert them with DOS2UNIX if you need to. I've gotten some feedback saying it didn't work under Windows for this reason, although it does.

MAPDAV has been tested in a "real world" setting. It's performance was to be expected, but could use improvement. Taken from a sample of 30192 passwords, version 1.0p8 cracked 4.7% on the default settings. Of these, 1.2% were not the same password as the username (which MAPDAV checks for by default, but so do most good password crackers). Most of the 1.2% were the username or first or last name in all caps, first name, last name, first name or last name backwards, first or last name backwards with an initial. I don't have the exact stats on it all tallied up yet, but when I do I'll post it. Unfortionately I will not be able to post the crack information, as this was a real world scenario on a real system. Just thought I'd let you all know what my demo results were. You can see it in a video on the screenshots page (I'm not sure how long this will stay up, I may be asked to take it down).

I have added an auto combos function. If you don't put in any combos after specifying your filenames then it automagically uses some predefined combinations. To see what look through the source code, they're near the top and there is a lot of them, I tried to find a balance between too many and too little. I have also added a Makefile for installation purposes on linux/unix machines. By default it will install in /usr/bin. Just run make install.

Single user support has been tested and is out. It's been sitting on my computer for a few months but school got in the way so I couldn't update the project. Ahhhh summertime... It can be found in the downloads section :)

Apon request, MAPDAV has been tested under ActiveState ActivePerl, and works great. I've also written up 1.0p7 with single user support and it seems to be working good, still testing, should be released shortly. Happy holidays!

MAPDAV 1.0p6 is out with a new wordlist plugin. You can download it in the downloads section.

MAPDAV 1.0p5 is out with THC-Hydra plugin support :) You can download it here. Have fun kids :) Play nice.

Sorry about not getting around to adding the plugins feature yet, I'm sure alot of you are waiting for that. I had already written it and was just testing and debugging before my PSU blew and fried everything in the machine, including the hard drives unfortunately. Anyway, I'll have to rewrite it and it should be up soon with THC-Hydra colon separated values support.

MAPDAV 1.0p4 is out, it now includes support for naming the directory as whatever you want, plus alot of bug fixes.

MAPDAV 1.0p3 has been released, and it now includes Windows compatability. This was tested under strawberry perl. If you test it under something else and it doesn't work right, please contact me. I also cleaned up some code and came up with a 300% performance improvement. You can download it here.

A small update to MAPDAV has been released, it includes the [rev] modifier that you may have seen in the screenshots. I had coded in the modifier a while back and just forgot to sync. Have fun!

I've been neglecting the project for a few months dealing with some other stuff, but I finally designed a hackjob of a website for convienance. I'll be concentrating on porting it over to Windows for true cross-platform support, as well as adding a feature or two I've thought of.

Pre-release 1 of MAPDAV has been released. It includes most of what I'd wanted from the start of the project, but as it's coming along I'll try to add some things to increase it's functionality. If you find any bugs, or would like to request a feature, feel free to contact me.